Wednesday, September 1, 2010

How I Think of Things to Do

First thing's first when I'm trying to come up with something original, coffee. Coffee is so undeniably important in the creative process, that I sometimes think most people don't even realize that it is so important.

Thinking and spinning in my chair generally gets me no where, so I try my best to do something mindlessly creative. Most times it can be as easy as getting a piece of paper and writing down everything that crosses my mind, a technique called stream of consciousness writing.

After a spell of mental silence, I generally have some sort of lame idea that looks to have potential, and then I'll spend hours, days, even months trying to get it off the ground (often to no avail).

That's it. That's how I think of things to do, and that's what brought me to making this blog.


  1. No avail fail = SUCCESS

    Congratulations on maintaining a coherent thought long enough to start this blog! Keep it up!

    I'm just getting started and it's really fun! I've lost lots of sleep tho... feels good man!

  2. weird title.. hmm

  3. Im actually gonna read up on your link, sounds interesting.

    Pretty much the same here, the most recent idea being this whole blogger thing. Lets see how it turns out eh


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