Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Archer Farms Organic - Fair Trade Nicaraguan

Aeropress Coffeemak
Archer Farms Organic - Fair Trade Nicaraguan brewed into a caffè americano using my very own Aeropress Coffeemaker.

Dark and smooth, with a flavor that resonates across the pallet like a low bass vibrato humming through a concert hall. An aroma of sweet apricots. A sophisticated richness. A slight metallic twinge like that of a battery on the tongue. This well balanced, low toned coffee is sure to delight connoisseurs, and dilettantes alike.

This is truly an amazing coffee; its country of origin and it quality are no coincidence either! Nicaraguan coffees are generally farmed and processed in a very traditional manner, due primarily to Nicaragua's isolation during the cold war, and a poor infrastructure thereafter.This has caused an almost perfect storm situation, where labor is cheap, coffee is plentiful, and the farms are ran traditionally. These are conditions perfect for producing affordable, delectable coffees.

What this has also caused is a situation where farmers can easily be taken advantage of by foreign exporters. That makes it all the more important to support "Fair Trade Certified" coffees, such as this one, when purchasing beans from any area of the globe that might be unstable or exploited.

Try this one out, and you won't be disappointed!

Status: Recommended


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